Why have a web site?

Published Wednesday 23 August 2023 04:11 PM

The World Wide Web is designed from the outset to be accessible from a multitude of devices and to be available all the time. Whether using vastly different computers, smart phones, tablet computers, or even televisions and game consoles web sites function and present sensibly in nearly any context.

Furthermore whilst web sites can be used by people using devices, web sites can integrate with other web sites and even use web communication so applications across different businesses can integrate with each other.

This provides a capability for your organization to be available to customers and other businesses 24/7 and to work autonomously outside of usual business hours. Web sites can be much more than a brochure on the Internet, they can integrate with internal business systems to provide information, sales, and technical assistance based on product and service needs.

The ready availability of web sites means employees can be empowered to respond to business from a wide range of locations using a variety of devices. Integration between customer requests, databases of customer and product information, and a widely available web based interface can massively increase the quality and speed of responding to customer requests.

Web sites can also be used for enhancing organizations that need to monitor equipment, performance, and status of components integral to the organization.

if you have components within your organization that would be greatly enhanced by having interaction, measurement and oversight from virtually anywhere at anytime then web technology may very well boost your productivity.

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